A downloadable game

A game made by Alfred Radu and Alexander Windahl for the Godot Wild Jam #3.

In this game you play as a drunken lawman, determined to hunt down a couple of big bounties. But what good are your guns if you don't have some liquid courage in your belly?

Take up arms against the biggest bandits in the west, in this retro-inspired cowboy shoot-em-up developed entirely in Free and Open Source Software!


Aim and Shoot with LMB

WASD-like movement
Reload gun with R

Install instructions

Download, unzip and run!


DotJ 1.1 Windows.zip 95 MB
DotJ 1.1 Official Mac.zip 95 MB
DotJ 1.1 Official Linux.zip 107 MB

Development log


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Hi! Loved your game! It was really fun :)


Hello! Thanks for playing our game! Seems like you fun with it! We're always happy to hear what people think, and we use it to improve ourselves. The last update for the game will be out soon and I hope you check back in a week or so to see it!

All the best, and thanks again!


Hey! I'll definitely check back for the update! Can't wait to see it :) 


Such a fun game!:D 

Thank you so much for this video! Happy you found the game entertaining even though it still has a few kinks to be worked out. Your feedback is incredibly useful for us moving forward. We'll soon release a pretty big update that fixes a lot of things, however the mouse sensitivity is still pretty slow in that one.

Thanks again!